About Me: Slightly More Detailed

I was born in early 1985. I'm female,  I'm straight, I'm an agnostic atheist and I have ADHD, which I only found out about in late September of 2009. That part of my life has been interesting so far.

My life tends to be interesting in little snippets rather than long tales of mayhem and madness, which can make it difficult to write about. Hopefully this blog will help me become a better story teller.

I love cats, I (mostly) like dogs, and I wouldn't have any issue with keeping hermit crabs as pets.

I think corsets are awesome.

My favourite corset.
I'm a teacher by trade, have worked in education since I was a teenager, and have also worked in retail to get me through university. Retail also served as excellent motivation to get through university, because being in retail for the rest of my life was a recurring nightmare with each weekly shift that I had.

I love my husband, (Ooolon Colluphid); my housemate (The Mezzanine) is awesome, and my cat is just the cutest thing ever. Something smells nice right now. I can't figure out what it is - might be the laundry which is drying on the rack as I write.

I have some truly amazing people around me, and I one of the things I need to work on is taking the initiative to see them more often. Having become used to a reasonably reclusive lifestyle, it's one of my goals to become a bit more social and work toward a stronger network. Not being sick when people have gatherings arranged would also help in that respect.

I'm a classical musician and a mad cyclist at heart, but the latter is a passion I've only been able to indulge as I see fit in recent weeks (despite cycling all Summer every Summer for the previous 5 years).

That's a brief spiel about me, and it may be added to and updated as time goes on. We shall see.