Why I started this

There are a few reasons for starting this blog and wanting to maintain it:

Creative Outlet

I have ADHD, and I get a lot or intrusive thoughts and random ideas. I tried to write them all down on paper, but I just couldn't manage doing it unless there was some other purpose behind it. Writing them down was supposed to help get them out of my head, but that in itself wasn't enough. I've found that writing this blog gives those ideas and connections somewhere to go.

Stress relief

Life got tough for a few months, and I felt out of control. As a result, I started trying to control other things around me, like my fiancé. This didn't work.
I complained one day about the stress levels and not having a hobby I stuck to for very long and that starting a  new one would require learning a whole new set of skills (which would frustrate me even more at this stage), and he suggested that I start a blog.
These are also the reasons that I'm harassing people to follow the blog, read it, and comment on it. Knowing that people do read it regularly will encourage me to keep writing, and will keep those random thoughts from taking over my brain.

So, here it is.

My own, shiny blog where my wackiness is free to roam. I'm hoping that my writing will start to flow more over time and be more and more natural as I feel more confident and relaxed in the things I say.  So I'm not only getting stress relief and an outlet for my strange thoughts, I'm also getting practice at writing.

Win-win-win! :-)