Monday, June 6, 2011

The Joys of Cycling

My commute to work involves going through a park. Here are some photos of it; hopefully they'll help show why I love it so much :-)

This is the lake that I cycle past every morning. Sometimes it's covered in mist, and it looks like the ducks are floating on nothing.

This is one of the ducks!

Some of the benches that you can picnic on.

Right now, the ground is an amazing mix of green grass and yellow leaves. At the right time of day with the sun low-ish in the sky, you realise where the Australian colours of green and gold come from.

Dew drops.

An ant with wings!

A coot. The white forehead and red eyes are quite striking.

So, this is why I love cycling so much. At some point soon I'll hopefully take some pictures of other parts of my commute and post those up for you all to see :-)

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