Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No bitchin' in the kitchen!

Following on from my previous post about looking for a place to rent, I'm now on to discussing Dealbreaker #2: The Kitchen.

Now, a kitchen doesn't have to take up half the house. It doesn't have to be completely new. But it does need to have a certain amount of bench space. It does need to look like it isn't falling apart. It really needs to not look grimey and like it's just waiting to sprout mould.

I'm talking about the difference between this:

And this:

For the sake of argument, lets ignore the fact that kitchen 1 has people actively using it. In that image, though, you can see that the oven isn't great. You can also see that the wall next to the oven/stove is damaged. The added shelf for the microwave just looks extremely... Cheap. Can't think of a better word for it. The second kitchen also has more bench space and a visible pantry. The surfaces are nicer. It doesn't look grubby.

Now, that first kitchen is not the worst I've seen. I've seen kitches with less than half the bench space and mould visible in the corners of the place. You could still work in a kitchen like that. But these two properties are charging about the same amount in rent.

I think the preference is pretty obvious.


  1. In Baltimore, most people have "galley kitchens," which are basically like blind hallways. No more than two people fit in one at any one time, and you can spread your arms and touch both walls. I have no idea how a super-tall or obese person would manage to fit in one of them. Counter space is maybe an area the size of a stove top.

    BUT... I managed to find a house where the owner renovated most of the basement to be the kitchen, so my kitchen is the largest room in my house by far. It almost takes up half the house! I actually think I'd prefer a smaller kitchen (especially since I rarely cook!), but my husband likes it. Unfortunately, since it's underground, it can get stinky fast with no way to air it out. I guess that's just motivation to keep it clean, though.

  2. Double sink. Kitchens need double sinks.

    Non-rinsed dishes are ick.