Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking forward to Christmas

So for the first time in a number of years, I'm really looking forward to it. You see, working in retail kind of ruined it for me, and there were a number of factors at play:

1) Playing carols incessantly for over a month. This is a sure-fire way to annoy just about anyone that goes into your store. If not initially, then definitely by the time Christmas actually rolls around. If it doesn't drive your customers mad, it will drive your staff mad. There is no need to play carols for any more than the last two (maybe three, if you're really into the whole spirit thing) weeks leading up to it.

2) Playing the crap remix carols CD. On repeat. This one needs no elaboration.

3) Beginning to sell decorations in July. Not all stores do this, but I've seen it. In fact, selling decorations before November is utterly stupid and annoying and should not happen. It just makes the season less special.

4) Irate shoppers. If you are a Christmas shopper who has left all your present-buying until the last minute, then for heaven's sake don't take it out on the retail staff! They are already over-worked and stressed out. No, they cannot order more stock in for tomorrow because you missed out on the last toy due to your own tardiness, especially if tomorrow is already Christmas Eve. This is not the only toy sale that happens throughout the year, so for goodness' sake do some of your Christmas shopping earlier on in the year!

This is now the third year running that I have not had to work retail at Christmas. I have, as always, bought my presents early. I'm going to be avoiding shopps that are playing carols for as long as possible. I'll be spending Christmas day with my family.

I am, at last, looking forward to enjoying Christmas again!

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  1. I was thinking just before about how annoying it is that "lunch" suddenly becomes "dinner" which under normal circumstances in this dialect region is a fancy word for "tea."

    Means I don't know who is coming at what time of day or what we are eating when.

    It's possibly also why I start drinking at brunch.