Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, it's the first day of the Summer holidays and I've survived my 2nd year of teaching :-) And I'm staying at the same school next year, which is kind of awesome!

This year has been HUGE. A lot has changed, all of it for the better (even when it was painful). Now I'm starting the Summer holidays, a week out from Christmas, and with new-found freedom! I'm looking forward to many things:
  • Weekend picnics
  • Time to read books (thinking about getting some Tad Williams; I hear he's good)
  • More frequent cooking (tiredness gets in the way)
  • More sleep (to get rid of the tired so I can cook!)
  • Spontaneous dinners out
  • Spontaneous trips to varous parts of my city
  • Regular cycling 
  • Attempting to ride all the way into the city from my university (roughly 20km)
  • Successfully riding into the city my university (it may take an entire day, and I may need a thorough wash afterward!)
Basically, I'm looking forward to spontaneity, fitness and relaxation :-)

Also, this is my new bike! =D Innit pretty???

I have added a rack at the back, mudguards and a basket at the front :-) I call her Arien, a Sun angel invented by Tolkien. Had there not been a kid in one of my classes called Marko, I'd have been extremely punny and called the bike "Marko Apollo". Arien is nicer, though.


  1. You're a big geek.
    Congratulations on your joy and anticipation! You have much to look forward to.

  2. Yeah, I really am :-p It's all part of my charm :-)