Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hypocrites, liars and charlatans! The Lot of them!

I'm angry about the Wikileaks fiasco. I'm angry because politicians who condemned China for trying to censor Google are now shouting for the arrest of a man who runs the organisation which published their own government's documents.

I'm angry that the Australian government is so pissweak that it will not defend one of its own citizens against calls of "treason"  where none has been committed or against the calls for his assassination.

Go to the GetUp site, and please sign the petition. If you have the means, please donate for the full-page ads that are planned for the New York Times and the Australian newspaper.

I hate hypocrisy, dishonesty and injustice. I hate them most when they are prepetrated by people who are supposed to represent country and its values. When it's people who are powerful and will be listened to by a significant number of those they represent. Lets not allow this to continue.


  1. maybe you can clear something up for me please? The US is calling treason, but I thought treason was a crime against a crown?

  2. Treason is a crime against one's own country — the US is calling it treason, but for that the people involved would have to be American. As it is, most of them are Australian or Swedish or otherwise not American.

  3. See, when China tries to censor stuff, they don't pretend to be a "free and open society" and whatnot. They just say, "Ok, we're censoring this and screw you." And that's the end of that. I can respect that, even if I think that quite a bit of the censorship is largely pointless. At least they're honest about it.

    China's also much more likely to actually stand up for their citizens when they're being unfairly treated by other governments than Australia is. Of course, in this matter, I think a pile of poo would be a better representative than the current Australian "government".