Monday, March 7, 2011

Logic ahead!

Premise 1: I get really irritated by stupididty.
Premise 2: I like to write about things that irritate me
Premise 3: The common cold is unbelievably stupid and irritating.
Conclusion: I'm going to write about the common cold!

I've got my first one for the year, and it's stupid. Allow me to list off the things that irritate me the most:

Having a blocked nose: If you can't breathe througy your nose, you can't do a lot of things properly. You can't speak properly, sleep properly, you can't eat properly. It's pretty bad. I'd say it's the worst part of being sick. Thank goodness for pseudoephedrine and the fact that it's available again!

Body aches: Pretty bad, but at least you can breathe and eat. I tend to get these with fever. It sucks, but resonds well to paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Nasal drips: Eeeeeeergh. Not fun to be woken up by. I'm just glad I don't have a post-nasal drip; that would be worse, and it can cause the next one.

Cough: Thankfully, I don't have this yet.

I guess the main irritations are the ones that keep you performing normal bodily things, and the main ones that get affected when you have a cold are sleeping and eating. I guess that's why I hate being sick and what I hate about it: Difficulty performing the basics.

I'm just glad this is a mild one, because I can mostly breathe and do most things without too much trouble. I'm just hoping it'll be completely over by tomorrow morning so that I can cycle in to work :-)


  1. Riding your bike can make your nose run, even in warmer weather. It's an excellent decongestant.

  2. Yeah, but having to stop to blow my nose every 5min is a royal pain. I lose momentum! :-p

    I'm still on the cold&Flu tablets, hopefully they'll do a good enough job that I can ride.