Friday, March 25, 2011


I need to stop looking at bike porn. I've been reading Lovely Bicycle, and it's got me dreaming of my own vintage-look, Dutch-style bike.

I did a bit of an Internet search, and found this Melbourne-based shop. Pretty bike!!!!! Thank goodness they're out of stock until May, or I'd be in major impulse-buy trouble right now.

I've also visited this shop in St Kilda and found their bikes to be unbelievably gorgeous. Not to mention that Gazelle Bikes also seem to be retailing in Australia.

The biggest problem when it comes to buying a bike like one of those is the money. I ended up shelling $AUS 440 on my bike, including the mudguards and rear rack, and that's the most I could afford. If I got one of these, I'd have to buy the bike and then also upgrade all the gears (I can't do hills without gears), which will cost even more.

So I'm very much just stuck looking, dreaming, and drooling :-p One day, when Oolon is rich and famous, I'll have all the bikes I want!

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