Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cycling in Melbourne

Melbourne is a wonderful city. It has great coffee, god pubs, lovely gardens... But I wouldn't consider it to be great if you want to have cycling as a lifestyle choice and you don't live in the Central Business District. The city suffers from a great deal of urban sprawl, so if you live in the suburbs you may have a long way to travel.

The other problem is that here, cycling is still very much seen as a sport. Most cyclist wear lycra. Lots and lots of lycra. It just doesn't seem to occur to people that you might not want to wear lycra to cycle in, let alone something like a skirt.

I want to be able to cycle in a skirt. I don't want to risk it getting caught in my spokes. I know of exactly one shop in Melbourne which sells skirt guards, and they can't guarantee that those will fit my bike.

So, in the interests of safety and versatility and cheapness, I made my own!


  1. Oooh, I want to see pictures! (Of course, I also want to see pictures of your wedding...) I've seen crochet patterns for skirt guards, as well as directions for making them out of netting fabric.

    It's so silly that in so many cities, only racers (or racer wannabees) ride bicycles. Little do they know the awesomeness that is riding a bicycle on a nice day in a skirt. Hmph.

  2. Ooh do we get to hear about your wedding and honeymoon? Please do tell... even just a little bit? :) also making your own skirt gards is cool!

  3. I really should take some pics of the skirt guards. Photos from the wedding and honeymoon are on their way :-) I don't have all of them yet, so I'm afraid you'll all have to wait just like I do ;-)