Monday, May 2, 2011


Some photos of my adventure at Adelaide zoo, which I went to on my honeymoon. Enjoy!

Wang Wang, the male panda.

Fu Ni, the female panda.

An un-known red panda. Possibly the cutest creature in all creation!

A Wallaby with beautiful eyes.

A pretty bird.

These are mandarin ducks. How something this colourful survives without being eaten by EVERYTHING is beyond me, but my goodness they make me happy!!!

Meerkat!!! On sentry duty. Alert little fella, 'inne?

This is a dwarf mongoose.

Stand-off between a chicken and a magpie. The chicken won. I'm not kidding.


    Those ducks are fantastic. The one at the front has happy sleepy eyes. In the immortal words of Veruca Salt, I want it now.