Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm on Facebook! I have a button on the left (which I'm really hoping will actually work...), so please click it if you like my blog :-)


  1. That's a nice tidy little button, I approve. Where'd you find it (can I steal it)?

  2. When I made the FB page, in the "Get Started" section it had options for putting a "like box", and when you click it it gives you the option of a box or a button :-) It gives you the code, and then I did the "add html" gadget thing.

    I hope that makes sense... I'm a bit sick so it may not have :-p

    Go for it!

  3. Thank you! Installed :)
    However, I am peeved by the limited personalisation on these things. I'm sick of the verb "like", and I wanted to put "is gay with" or "masturbates to". And it WONT LET ME. Very cross.