Friday, October 29, 2010

The role of friends

Every person in our lives has an important role to play. Confidante, friend, party-animal, +1, shopping buddy, gym buddy, sex buddy, talk-on-the-phone-for-hours person, etc etc.

Some overlap, others are each played by just one person at a time, sometimes we have multiple people filling the same role at the same time or alternating if one is out of the country. But they all exist and all are there and need someone to perform it, otherwise our lives feel just a little bit empty.

There is one very, very important role that several males have played in my life, and so have a few females (on occasion):

To keep me out of on-coming traffic.

My judgement of space and distance is pretty good and I’m fine when driving, but when I’m crossing the street and with other people I’m usually distracted by how awesome it is to be social and my impulsivity kicks in, so I’ll randomly try crossing the street at my own peril. I’ve been grabbed by the hand or scuff of the neck a few times to keep me from walking right out in front of a car, just because my brain wasn’t noticing that there’s one coming toward me at 70km/h. Now, these wonderful people just grab me as soon as we get to the place where we want to cross, and hold on until we get to the other side.

I’ve actually nearly been hit by one because I not only didn’t notice it was there in the first place, but also didn’t hear it tooting its horn at me. By the time I noticed, I was half-way across the high-way and decided that I should, clearly, turn back the way I came... I wasn’t entirely with it at the time.

So, I’d like to extend my thanks to those of you who have kept me alive and out of the hospital for just that little bit longer. You guys are awesome!

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