Monday, October 11, 2010

Quincy's Confessions: I am a geek.

Yes, that's right. I am. The proof is right here, in this entry.

Last week, I went into an ABC shop and spied this lunchbox:

How could I not buy it?? It's Tom Baker! As the Doctor! There's a Dalek and a Cyberman! This thing is so uncool that it made the universe fold around on itself to make it cool again!

So, I decided to put it to use:

See, I have my Very Australian "Meat Pie", I have my Very Healthy "Apple", and my other Very Healthy "V8 Juice"! In a little juice box! Any kid one would be proud to take this to school work!

Now, here is the truly shameful bit:

My Dr Who gets pride of place on my passenger seat!


My trusty school bag has been shunted to the back seat. But hey, it's still smiling, so that's good, right? :-)

So, there you have it. My Deep Dark Secret, finally revealed! Until I get a new one.


  1. :D!!!
    When I was a kid, I watched this BBC series of The Chronicles of Narnia, and Tom Baker was in it, as Mugglewump the Marshwiggle.

  2. OH MY I want to see this series! Now! Baaah, where on earth would I get it from?