Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cycling is addictive.

Week 3: Between the terrible humidity (hovering around 90% for most of the week) and two types of unwell, I only cycled 3km this week. I figure that being sick is good enough reason to not do my cycling 3 days/week thing.

Week 4: Back on the cycling bandwagon. I rode 107km in total and I'm feeling pretty good about it! I managed to cycle most of the way to work one day and all the way to work on another, which is awesome. Thanks to my housemate's advice on which streets are the least steep and my incredible ability to go the wrong way and discover new and wonderful things, I have a route home which might not kill me.

I also managed to have my first injury-causing crash. I wasn't going particularly fast at the time though, so I only had some light scratches on my leg. Bad enough to still be there for a few days, not bad enough to get blood all over my socks or for me to get my first aid kit out :-p

Have a picture:

Showing off my ankles, like the hussy I am.

Week 5: Total of 80km this week. Nothing nearly as eventful to report as the photo above :-p

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