Friday, January 14, 2011

I'd like a muffy and a coffin, please.

I do a lot of spoonerising. I'm pretty damned good at it, in fact. I just can't do it on cue. I have actually, in all seriousness, ordered a muffy and a coffin. I only realised when I noticed the weird look that the barista was giving me.

I also mix up my letters a lot. I spent an entire day substituting 2 and x, which was hilarious for my yr 7 students. I also tend to substitute the letter d for the letter g.

I never actually figured out the license plate of my old car. It was either 022 or 220. Unless it was 002, or 020. Or even 200. I could never be quite sure.

I once went to number 24, when I was actually supposed to go to number 4. And no, that was not the first time I'd been to that house. I got very confused when I didn't recognise the scenery...

I genuinely don't know my left from my right. I have to do the L thing with the thumb and forefinger and check every time I'm told to make a turn.

I think I might be dyslexic.


  1. You should learn Chinese. Apparently dyslexia doesn't interfere with learning the characters.

  2. That might be why I was so good at it :-p

  3. You're awesome.

    "Just a coffin today please, I'm watching my weight."