Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shameless and gratuitious self-congratulation!

I think I'll do this once or twice/month, just to gloat about how awesome I am. Just wait until I finally make it up the hill to my house - there will be a WHOLE INTERNET PARTY with balloons and streamers and hats and CAKE. DAIRY-FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE YOU MARK MY WORDS.

It will be GLORIOUS!!!

Aherm. Anyway. Been cycling consistently for a fortnight. Here's the run-down:

Week 1: Cycled a total of 100km. Discovered that the reason I was struggling so badly was all the excess weight I was carrying in my basket and panniers. Oops.

Week 2: Went easier this week and travelled 28 km all up. I did manage to travel 20km in one hit, which I'm proud of :-)

The key thing is that I've cycled at least 3 times each week. It's about having something that I can achieve easily when I don't feel like really doing it, because that way I won't beat myself up for not doing what I feel is enough. If I do that, then I'll get discouraged and possibly stop, which would be bad.

So, hooray!

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