Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't ever take me to the cinema

I've already written on what makes me like a movie, but now I'm going to tell you why you should never take me to the pictures.

1) I find it really hard to not comment on everything I see. 

I'm very impulsive, which means that if a comment comes into my head it will usually make it out of my mouth. It can get me in a lot of trouble, and the cinema is one of those places because I like to analyse as I go and rant or squee over what I'm seeing on the Big Screen.

2) I can't stand loud noise.

My first instinct in the cinema is usually to grab the remote and turn down the volume. I have to take ear plugs or keep my fingers in my ears because I can't handle how loud it is. I'll have a dreadful ringing in my ears afterward which you'll have to hear about as well, not to mention that I'll be shouting because I can't hear myself over the din in my own head.

3) I fidget. 

I can't sit still. I find it very difficult to get comfortable in my own chair and this will not get better throughout the film. The best solution to this is to take me to Gold Class, because the nibbles the bring in throughout the movie will give my something to do with my fingers and something to plug my mouth with.

Basically, if you want to see a film with me, either rent a DVD so that we can pause and go back over bits I've missed or gag me and give me a koosh ball.

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  1. Drive in theatre is awesome for this!