Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy commercialisation of love and discrimination against singles day!

I appear to have mixed views on Valentine's day. On the one hand, I hate how crazy people go over it. On the other hand, I love the idea of doing something special for someone you care for (regardless of their relationship to you).

So, I don't do anything big for it, but I do something, and I do it that week. The most I've ever done on V day was go out for coffee in the morning, though I would have done more had I not been restricted by other factors.

In any case, whether you're single or paired or other, enjoy the sentiment by telling someone you care that you do, whether they are a friend, lover, blood relation, or a person who has made your day easier in some way at some point.

Just don't get caught up in the hype - fist fights in florist shops are just unseemly.


  1. Fist fights in florist shops. Would make an AWESOME headline.

  2. Friend of mine used to work for a florist. It wasn't uncommon for fights to break out over the last bunch of roses.