Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday, I did the Melbourne Summer Cycle! All 40km, and I didn't walk my bike for any of it! Not even going up the West Gate Bridge! =D

It was rather awesome. I had friends around me to talk to, and my darling Oolon Colluphid waiting for me at the finish line. He'll be competing with me next year, when he doesn't have a thesis deadline looming.

He also rescued me earlier in the morning. You see, forgetfulness is one of my trademarks. I've been known to show up to school concerts where I was going to play in the orchestra having left my instrument at home. Thankfully I did not forget my bike yesterday morning, but I did forget something without which I also couldn't ride: My helmet. Here in Australia, it is illegal to cycle without one so having forgotten it meant that I was stuck at the starting line. I could have bought a helmet from one of the stalls that was set up in the park but, because I'd just spent several hundred dollars on dental maintenance a few days earlier, I really can't afford to buy a new helmet when I already have a perfectly good one.  

The wonderful, wonderful man brought it over for me. I can't praise him enough for putting up with my brain wackiness and helping me out when it's important to me. So, I'm taking him out for dinner in the near future as a token of my thanks :-)

It was fun. I raised money, I rode the bike, I got to the finish line. I so totally rock!

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