Monday, May 9, 2011

About the wedding

Ok, so it's been long enough since the wedding now that I feel like writing about it. I've been having to tell lots of people who weren't there about it, so it gets a bit tiring to keep talking about which is why I've delayed so long.

So, The Big Day!

Got up at 7am. My lovely housemate greeted me with my cat, who had a blue ribbon wrapped around him. That was pretty awesome! She also got breakfast ready because she's awesome. My other bridesmaid (who flew down from Sydney) had stayed the night, so the three of us went to get our hair done. We actually had mohawks! But only to begin with - she needed to tease it to get it to stay properly.

I got picked up by Oolon's lovely aunt and and she took me to get my make-up done. At home, I was greeted by baked chips and got dressed. Now, the original plan was to take the train to the venue (in Melbourne's CBD), which turned out to be difficult which is why Oolon's aunt offered to drive us. So, while I was being force-fed food and getting my stockings on and trying not to be nervous, a LIMOUSINE showed up. My bridesmaid from Sydney had arranged it covertly, because she's also awesome.

So, limo to the city! We dropped our stuff off at the venue and I was ushered around so that Oolon (who was already there) didn't see me. We took some photos in the parks nearby, and a little girl who walked past us with her mum and sister said "They're so pretty!", which had me feeling pretty chuffed.

We had the most amazing weather, and there weren't too many people about so it was easy to take some nice shots. We got to the venue with a bit of time to spare, so we sat in our little bridal closet drinking chamagne and touching up makeup and trying to keep me from getting too much stage fright. Distracting questions included "Which is your favourite star wars movie?" and "If you had a super power, what would it be and what would you use it for?".

The ceremony was great. Our celebrant did a great job. I blushed bright red for most of it, nearly cried, and Oolon didn't let go of my hands except to put the ring on.

The rest of it was spent being social (hard to do when I had, on average, less than 3min to spend with each guest) and squeeing over the cake. The cake had ladybugs on it. Very important, given we had silk roses on it so we needed to protect them from the aphids... Yes, we're silly like that :-)

After the wedding, we went to the Windsor. The original plan was to take the City Circle tram but, like my original plan for getting to the venue, it didn't quite happen that way. One of Oolon's groomsmen arranged for a horse and carriage to take us to our hotel. Because he's awesome, too.

So, we had a brilliant time :-) That was the run-down of the wedding. I'll write about the honeymoon a bit later :-)

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