Monday, May 30, 2011

I am an anxious person.

There is one thin you really should never do with me, and that is say "Can I speak to you privately when you have a minute?"

Seriously, Don't Do It.

You see, I'm paranoid. I mean, really paranoid. If it is something that you can't say in front of other people, then there is a reason you can't say it in front of other people. In a professional environment, this means that you are either talking to me about me, or about someone else. Given I don't really know about what stupid things other people are doing in this place, I can only assume that you're talking about me.

If you have something to talk to me about, just tell me what it is. Seriously. I need to know or I'll be panicky and working out how to tell my husband and housemate that I've been fired the entire time until we have that talk and I finally find out that what you actually want is my opinion on what colour to paint the wall in your office.