Monday, August 23, 2010

Enthusiastic kitty is annoying. But CUTE!

I own a 6-month-old cat. He’s grey and fluffy and gorgeous. He was a rescue - I got him when he was 11 weeks old and weighed 600g (any smaller at that age, and the vet would have euthanised him). He had worms, and only didn’t have fleas thanks to the the careful care and nursing of a couple of good friends who looked after him for a week before I was able to take him in. They're also the ones who got him up to 600g in that week.

He now weighs around 2.5kg and is well-adjusted, and he thinks that I’m just the best human ever. This is absolutely lovely, until he decides to tell me so at around 4am.

You see, he purrs. Loudly. And he’ll often decide to purr at me. Right next to my face. Once, he found that there was some space between my face and the pillow, and that it was the perfect-sized gap for his little purring head. This meant that he was not only purring ON my face, he was also resonating through the pillow so there was no escape, particularly when I was trapped by the cuteness of it all!

He also seems to think that I’m filthy, bedraggled and unable to take care of myself as, soon after the purring starts, he’ll also randomly decide that I need some serious grooming. So I’ll not only have DabDabDab of him walking on me while trying to get the best angle and the rrrRRRrrrRRRrrrRRR going on right in my ear, I’ll then also have the ScrapeScrapeScrape, both in sound and feeling on my nose and chin and just about any other part of my face he can reach (I’ve taken to keeping my mouth covered by the blanket so he can’t get to that). 

The funny part is if he tries to groom my hair - the length of it just perplexes him and what he does with his mouth reminds me of Mr Ed the talking horse. Apparently they used peanut butter to make the horse do that. It seems that they don’t like getting it on the roof of their mouths. Humans have a name for that when it happens to them - arachibutyrophobia, It’s like another rule 34, but not of the internet; if you can think of it, there is a phobia of it. Humans are weird.
My darling little Smudge.

“So why does she let him on her bed?” - I hear you ask. Well, for starters, because he’s cute ♥. But he is generally good for most of the night, and these grooming and purring episodes are becoming less and less frequent. He’s being trained to know that, if he does anything while I’m in bed at night, he doesn’t get a reaction.

There is just something so lovely about a little creature, who’s not even of your species, thinking you’re awesome and snuggling up next to you or on top of you and falling fast asleep because it’s so very comfy and content in your presence.

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