Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I hate calling companies on the phone.

The reason for this is that I've had some long and drawn-out experiences with calling up various companies to get problems fixed. Every time I need to, I freeze. Because this is what my brain conjures up for me:

Kindly made pretty by my Fiancé.
My original was a bit bedraggled...
Things which were not included in this flowchart are:
  • Explaining your problem to the Real Person (first and second, if you selected the wrong option to start with)
  • Having both Real People check your personal details
  • Explaining your problem again, because they weren't ready for it the first time as they need to know who you are
  • Spelling your name a few times before resorting to Alphas and Bravos and Charlies because your name is kinda foreign and they can't figure out which letter you're trying to sound out over a dodgy landline.
 Seriously, I'd rather just send an email.


  1. Of course, sometimes they send you to the second person even if you selected the correct option, after you've given them enough information to do what's needed. I was reporting my credit card lost the other day, and after I identified myself and they obviously had my card info on the screen they said I'm the second card-holder which is apparently a completely different department.

    The second person did the job, then insisted on reading out lengthy information to me, because anybody reporting a lost credit card is obviously in a position to take notes.

  2. See, that just makes my problem even worse now :-p

  3. Oops...

    On the other hand, if you now have a chart you can follow, perhaps that can be a help?