Sunday, August 1, 2010


You know how your things have this innate sense that you're not treating them well? Like, as soon as you even consider buying a new car, your old one will sputter, stall, and then stop itself with black smoke coming out of your engine while you're in the right-hand lane of the freeway during peak-your traffic. You also ordered a new phone that morning, so of course the antena on your current one is now not picking up any reception and you're too scared of the other commuters beacause they're all running late for work and probably haven't had their coffee yet (makes for some very scary people).

Well, the Housemate left for 2 weeks today - she's house-sitting for her parents. She packed the usual essentials (some clothes, her computer, her cat), but it was enough to tip the house off that she'd gone.

I'm only sub-letting, so the House clearly doesn't recognise me as being a permanent resident (I really hope no vampires try to bite me before she gets back), and it threw a minor tantrum. It's the kind of tantrum that little kids throw when they're first trying them out - just a little whine and a few sobs; no screaming or throwing themselves on the floor. Yet.

As my fiancé and I were putting the dishes away, the door of the cupboard came off its hinges. Now, this may not seem overly dramatic, but it is when it's your first full day of having the place entirely to yourself and wanting desperately to prove what a mature and responsible adult you are, who can take care of an entire house for a fortnight and keep it in really good shape.

It's also not dramatic until the kitten decides that the small gap created by the door being half an inch off is an excellent place to stick his paw, just in case there's a mouse hiding there or something.

So there was some cat throwing, some really bad lines about screwing things, and some frustration over figuring out how the damned thing worked in the first place, but thankfully the door is back where it should be and Housemate can happily return to find it in place. Lets see if, at the end of the fortnight, it's the only thing still in place...

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