Monday, August 9, 2010

Quincy: Saving the World, One Trolley at a Time

Yesterday morning was absolutely gorgeous - sunny, not too warm, the kind of day when you’d feel guilty and ashamed of staying indoors, because the sun is bright and the air is fresh and you should be outside playing in the sunshine!

So, my fiancé and I decided to go out and enjoy it. On the way out of the house, we saw something horribly sad: A couple of shopping trolleys on the nature strip. Just sitting there. Lost. Without a hope in the world.  :-( 
You can see the other trolley, trying to look
inconspicuous just around the corner...

I was determined to save them. The fiancé thought I was joking, but I really wasn’t. I couldn’t have them there on my nature strip, looking forlorn and not fulfilling their life’s purpose (Fiancé pointed out that they aren’t alive, but I reminded him that they still have purpose, so they needed to be rescued or they’d be sad).

We agreed to pick them up on the way back from our walk around the neighbourhood. On the way back, we found a third trolley, and I insisted that we take it along with us. So it got pushed along, back to my place, where we picked up the other two.

Filled with my own purpose, I helped get them together, the way trolleys who aren’t moving shopping about should be. They looked happy :-) And we trundled along to the local shops to return them.

On the way, we picked up a fourth! It was like there was a massive trolley party on Saturday night, where they all got completely smashed and fell asleep on the footpath while waiting for someone to call a taxi for them. Even though they were only a 10-minute walk away from home.

I was finally able to figure out why I couldn’t get one of those shallow ones (they’re kind of like the step between a full-on trolley and a basket; you know how baskets can be too small for what you want, and you’ve got stuff spilling over the edges and it’s really really heavy, but when you transfer it to a trolley it looks like you’ve got hardly anything and the other shoppers give you dirty looks, because they needed that trolley and are now carrying 5 baskets while you’re using one for your pitiful, tiny hoard? Well, these are not nearly as deep as a normal shopping trolley but are bigger than a basket and don’t have to be lifted, which makes them awesome, and I can never get one at the local supermarket even though I see other people with them): It’s because they were all hanging round the streets of my neighbourhood! Loitering. Sitting.

Happy Trolleys :-)
So, more trundling, this time with an added degree of difficulty. The guys who collect trolleys in supermarket car parks have all my respect - those things are heavy, and hard to steer. Even with two people working on them, and those guys work alone on each line of trolleys and have at least a dozen of them going at a time!

But we got them back to where they belong, and I think they looked a little more grateful than they had while they were lying about on the street.

I have done a good deed, and saved some trolleys from certain doom on the streets of my suburb! I'm a super-hero! =D

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