Friday, September 24, 2010

Evil nasty shark teeth.

So, my wisdom teeth came through when I was 18. I remember the teething being uncomfortable and thinking “So this is why babies cry about it” - the Terrible Twos suddenly make  a lot more sense, because having those teeth burrowing out of the flesh inside your face is friggin’ uncomfortable and it just Does. Not. Stop. I got through it by chewing tiny little mints with the part of my gum that was being assaulted from underneath by these semi-blunt objects that were forcing their way out, kind of like when you try to push your fist through dough. Poor dough.

The last time I went to the dentist before this year was shortly after my wisdom teeth came out (nearly 7 years earlier than this year's visit) and in that time, unbeknownst to me, the wisdom teeth had actually started to eat away at the molars in front of them! Kind of like a shark, surging out of the surface of the water (or gum, in this case) and taking a great big chunk out of the poor swimmer who’s just treading water, blissfully ignorant of what’s about to happen to them. Just a lot more slowly. And without the theme music.

My handwriting makes "Molar" look like "Molor". I do know how to spell, I just can't write clearly. This is why all my posts are typed rather than hand-written. Aside from the lack of choice when it comes to input device.

I was basically told by my dentist that I had to have them removed or I'd be dealing with decay and toothache and general ickiness in the mouthal area. That sounded kind of wrong, didn't it?

So, today, I'm getting my wisdom teeth thaken out. I’m actually quite frightened by what’s about to happen. I’m not so frightened of the surgery itself - I’m going to be under anaesthetic. It’s the anaesthetic which I’m terrified of  (and this blog really didn't help). I mean, I would much rather be knocked out and wake up with it all over and done with than be awake while someone drills and scrapes and pulls things out of my mouth (seriously, is it possible to talk about anything oral without it sounding dirty?), but I’m still panicking about the fact that, for several hours, I’ll have no consciousness and no ability to do anything.

Yes, I'm a control freak. It's just one of the things which makes me so charming and irresistable.
I had the same problem when I got my eye surgery done, but that wasn’t nearly as invasive as tooth extraction so I got away with a lower dose of Ativan and can remember most of what happened (it smelled like burning hair and the laser looked kind of like HAL; a slightly worrying combination, actually).

But, I’m going to be brave and go under completely, and trust that I’ll wake up slightly groggy and with no recollection of what I just went through. Fortunately they're removing all four teeth, so there's little chance of my waking up and findint that the'd removed  the wrong four teeth.  Oh I should so not have had that thought just then - there's one more thing to panic about!

So yeah. Wish me luck. And if there's a reduction in post frequency or quality at any point, blame it on the poor health I've had lately!

I'll post again with an update this afternoon when I'm home and conscious.

In some unrelated news: Today is a year since I was diagnosed with ADHD. Happy ADDiversary? Or something?


  1. *claps*
    I love your illustrations!
    Hope you're home cuddling things.

    (When you referenced Hyperbole and a Half, I so thought you actually meant this blog. It's not about anaesthetic but it is about dental work and is so cute.)

  2. Thank you :-) Yep, I've been cuddling the cat and the Boy as much as my face will allow me :-p

    And , that was pretty gross :-p But still awesome!