Monday, September 27, 2010

Role-playing. Not the dirty kind. Not D&D, either.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t habitually role-play. I’ve played role-playing computer games (predominantly Balder’s Gate II) and have had friends who role-play on a regular basis for years. I just never did it myself. It was mostly a matter of pride; I kicked up a fuss about it once and just couldn’t let it go after that.
But, eventually, a friend of mine convinced me to play in a single-session, Cthulu Mythos (horror) game which didn’t use dice as the deciding factor in how successful an action of yours was, but a Jenga tower.
It was set in Europe, a few hundred years ago. I was the only character to survive, with one being collected by the dancers of the Danse Macabre and another running straight at a galloping horse.
I also pissed off Boudica, started the great fire of London and saved it from the plague.
I decided that it was best to retire while at the peak of my role-playing career. I may stage a come-back one day; who knows.


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  2. Thank you will leave a comment now :)