Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Winter is officially over!

I was going to blog about how Spring has Sprung, how good the air smells and how good it feels at this time of year.
But then I couldn’t sleep because of this lingering cough and I had to get up at six. The git in front of me on the freeway was going at 80km/h the whole way, as was the git in the lane next to him, and by the time I realised (because I started out a fair way behind them and had to catch up), I didn’t have time to go into the third lane to overtake before I had to take the next exit.
Then I got to work and found out that the printer is broken and, because technology hates me, the other local printers don’t display with their “names” when I search for them from my computer (they display some generic serial or something), so I had no quick way of finding the upstairs printer in my building and printing to that one. Fortunately, someone was kind enough to print it for me.
I went upstairs to collect my printouts, I swore and shouted and kicked at the door for not working (who the hell thought it was a good idea to put the locking mechanism MORE than an arm span away from the actual door???), and found that the printer wasn’t on. Great. Best-case scenario, I turn it on and it’ll print. Worst-case, it won’t turn on.
Guess which one it was! Go on! Guess. I dare you.
More swearing, more kicking at doors that hate me. When I got back to the office, the kind person who printed for me heard my plight, marched upstairs, and I dare not imagine what he did to that printer but a few minutes later he came back with my printouts, mentioning something about a circuit breaker.
I have a new hero.

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  1. Circuit breaker - Any time your printer ends a job with 3 or more points of damage, it will automatically begin the next job powered down.

    Life imitates RoboRally :-)