Monday, September 20, 2010

Sprains, strains, and stress injuries.

As teachers, there are some things you really don’t want to discuss with your students, as there can be uncomfortable repercussions if they take this information home to their parents. These things (in my case) include:
  • Alcohol
  • My ADHD and the medication I take for it
  • Why I’m an atheist
  • How their parents should be bringing them up
  • Their sex lives
  • My sex life

That last one can be brought up by relatively innocent circumstances. Like a sprained wrist. The result I dread looks something like this:

What actually happened was that I twisted my hand while dropping my bag in a very unco-ordinated way.

Teachers have, in recent history, been fired for giving a “sex ed” class when they are not qualified to (the teacher in question simply answered her students when they wanted to know who the woman giving her a ride to school was; the teacher told them it was her partner). This is alarming, so one tends to want to avoid topics which are even remotely controversial.

Not every school is like this, but enough are. Ideally, the response would look kind of like this like this:


  1. I don't get it. Do wrong answers weigh more than right answers? :p

  2. They're like a heavy metal - they build up in your soul :-p

  3. How old are these creatures you're educating?

  4. hehehe, I use the wrist thing when rowing:

    "Make sure you don't bend your wrist otherwise you'll do an injury and people like to make jokes about wrist injuries..."

    The reactions I get are BRILLIANT!
    "hahhaha omg I can't believe an adult/female said that"
    "holy fuck, shock horror, she didn't just say that..."

    That's while coaching teenage boys - works every time!

  5. Hey thanks for adding me to your blog roll :) I always read and enjoy your posts but I never know what to say when leaving a comment so I just haven' yeah...sorry guess I'm a little shy sometimes (and awkward)

  6. That's ok! I have that problem sometimes, too! I'm glad you enjoy reading my stuff :-)