Friday, September 3, 2010


Watching men shaving is like a spectator sport, or like an interactive reality TV show.

Being female, I don’t shave as much of my body as a man would, nor do I shave as frequently as a man would, and I don’t shave the same way a man would. For one thing, I don’t shave my face so I don’t need to use a mirror. My fiancé does, and at one point while he was living with me I got curious and went into the bathroom to see what he was doing.

About 2 minutes later, I went and got popcorn.

So there I was: sitting on the edge of the bathtub, eating popcorn, and telling him when he’d missed a spot.

I don’t know whether he appreciated my presence and input, but I thought that it was better entertainment than television!

In fact, it should be a new Olympic sport, with points for speed, technique, smoothness, and ability to shape the beard and sideburns accurately! Instead of medals, ornamental razors can be the prizes. I would watch that on TV. But then, why would I, when I can just watch my own man do it a few times each week! I think it's time to get more pop corn!


  1. I can tell you that you were at an advantage, unless he was equipped with a de-misted, clean, no more than 40cm away mirror.
    -Monsieur Webb

  2. And there was me thinking you were just enjoying a good perve.